A day in the life of a high school teen

Um…new to this, so bare with me.

Where can I start? Today was the first day that this grand idea, to start a blog on how high school works-seems how every “adult” thinks that their high school experience was great. Well I’m almost 18 year’s old, in my Junior year of High School and I still haven’t had that AHA moment.

First of all I would like to say that school lunches; no thanks to Mrs. Obama, ARE HORRIBLE! I mean today we had nasty white rice that was over cooked and some weird chicken nugget looking thing smothered in sweet-and-sour sauce. Ugh, I would rather go hungry then eat that…horrible excuse for a lunch. The school’s used to have decent food. The pizza was too greasy, but it was better than weird chicken.

Another thing. (I’m a girl) Guys. If you want to “hang out” before school, please remember to get up on time, and be there when planned. I was officially stood up to day, *cough cough, bastard* (when I put stars it means that I am doing that) and completely pissed off my morning completely.

Well when I get more used to spilling these inner thoughts, I’ll post more.

Who actually reads these?

~Goldie Locks